Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Nana’s Charm Offensive In The VR

Nana Akufo-Addo has appealed to the people of Volta Region to change the negative perception they have about the NPP and embrace the party as the nation goes to the polls in December. Speaking to large section of traditional rulers in the Volta region, the NPP presidential candidate said the time has come for the people of the Volta Region to reconcile with the NPP in ensuring a massive victory in the elections.   He said, since the NPP is hugely represented in the rest of the regions, it would be a healthy development if the people of the Volta Region made an effort to join that good company. In appealing to the electorate in the area, he assured the people that the NPP is ever ready to work with the people in the Volta Region in enhancing socio-economic development in the region. This, he stressed, is because he believes in the politics of national unity, irrespective of one's ethnic background.
He called on them to rally behind the NPP in the party's bid to win Election 2008 and appealed to them to reject political parties and their leaders who preach negative propaganda, lies and deceit about the NPP. These political parties and politicians, he said, believe that politics is about divide and rule among innocent Ghanaians. Those people, he maintained, ought to be ignored because they have nothing to offer Ghanaians by way of development and prosperity.

The NPP, he said, had embarked on several development projects in the area and on that basis, he stated, it was only natural that the region reciprocated that gesture in voting for the NPP to enable the party continue with its development agenda for the Volta Region.
He noted that the party had, since the year 2001, built 56 Junior High Schools in the Adidome and surrounding areas and hoped to continue by developing the Central Tongu Constituency. He committed himself to building a public university in the Volta Region and any other region in the country without one in an effort to deepen the quality of education in the country as well as make it accessible to all social classes.
He emphasized that he would also make sure that secondary school education is made free throughout every part of the country. The economy, he said, was on the verge of brighter economic prospects, owing largely to the discovery of the finest quality of crude oil in commercial quantities in Ghana.and appealed to the people to vote for the NPP, under whose tenure the discovery was made so that the NPP can put its proceeds to efficient use and develop every part of Ghana, including the Volta region.   

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