Thursday, February 19, 2009

DCE says Ghanaians have duty to sustain political tolerance

Mr. Frank Marcellus K. Busumtwi, Birim Central Municipal Chief Executive, has said Ghanaians have a duty to work for the sustenance of political tolerance to enhance peaceful co-existence.
   Mr. Busumtwi told the GNA in an interview on Tuesday that "good people always think and work for the good of society".
   He said concern that there is deep-seated division among political party members must be a source of worry to well-meaning Ghanaians.
   "Ghanaians have been told that the current peace and harmony they enjoy are precious assets that must be jealously guarded by all" he said.
   He advised people to eschew apathetic attitudes towards the December general election.
   Mr. Busumtwi said he was not happy about people with great potentials who stay away during unit committee and assembly elections and that such apathetic and negative attitude towards local governance did not only slow down the pace of development but also the loss of expertise.
   He appealed to all communities in the municipality to get actively involved in all elections, to help elect deserving people to represent them.

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