Monday, August 23, 2010

Post election monitoring project takes off in Kumasi

A post-election monitoring project, aimed at holding politicians and government accountable to their manifestos and promises, has been launched in Kumasi.

Dubbed "Ghana's post elections intervention project", it seeks to set up mechanisms that will provide up-to-date information and well-designed indications to assist in tracking the performance of politicians and governments, including local governance.

Mr Jeremiah Sam, the Coordinator, who spoke to a section of the media in Kumasi about the project highlights, said it is the local version of a broader one called a "The African election project" and would help to also reduce acrimonious campaign messages.

He said the setting up of the project was informed by the lack of interest of the African electorate in the post election performance of government, a situation borne out of ignorance on the part of the electorate of their duty in the democratic process to ensure that government carry through their manifestos and their development plans when voted into power.

"The role of the electorate in the democratic process, which has been reduced to only voting during election needs to change to enhance citizens concerns to make uniformed choices" he added.

Source: GNA

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