Thursday, March 26, 2009

Media reportage vital during elections- CDD

The Centre for Democratic Development (CDD) and the French Embassy on Wednesday described media reportage as vital and indispensable in several efforts in securing a lasting and durable democracy in the country.

The media played a significant role in past elections and every commentator expressed some appreciation for the work the media did.

One thing media did so well collectively was to ensure that every Ghanaian knew there was a general elections coming on, to the extent that there was elections fatigue and people actually got fed up with election news.

The media also did well during the elections itself, sending reporters to practically every nook and cranny. Radio Stations and the TV Channels were clearly in competitions to see who could cast the net wider. And in cases where results delayed, reporters and presenters evidently made personal sacrifice to wait and keep the public informed.

Although Journalists played a significant role in the run-off Elections, some journalists and media houses did not live up to expectations. News items that could have plunged the country into conflict were transmitted.

Journalist must avoid partiality, misuse of power, defamatory languages in their reportage, she added.

Jeannette Quarcoopome of the Media Foundation for West Africa also made a presentation and said well trained journalists should be sent to the field to ensure professionalism.

Source: GNA

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