Thursday, May 8, 2008

Atta Mills promises to reunite Ghanaians

Prof John Evans Atta Mills, Flag Bearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), for Elections 2008 on Wednesday said the task of the Party would be to improve the economy, refresh the national spirit and reunite the people of Ghana.

Prof. Mills promised Ghanaians that politics of polarization would have no place in the country and he would be a President of the whole country, devoid of marginalization if given the nod in the forthcoming elections.

"I am here to reassure Ghanaians, who are tired of politics as usual, that we are committed to a new type of politics which will foster national unity and a new sense of purpose." Prof Mills gave the assurance at the launch of the national campaign of the NDC, which was also used to introduce his running mate, Mr John Dramani Mahama.

Prof. Mills accused the New Patriotic Party (NPP) of using its political power as hammer to nail the people in other political parties.

The Flag Bearer told the enthusiastic crowd that welcomed him to the National Theatre in Accra at 1454 hours with a chorus of "Atta Mills, You Are the Most High!" that the agenda of the NDC was for a better Ghana, investing in people, job creation and strong economy, expanding infrastructure and an open and transparent government. "Our manifesto, which we will soon outdoor, will offer more specifics and Ghanaians will see for themselves how prepared the NDC is to assume the mantle of leadership to serve this country," the NDC Flag Bearer said.

He promised to use the weapon of truth to respond to the challenges of leading the nation, adding; "I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. And I will not regard my election as President as some kind of coronation".

Prof Mills accused the NPP government of breaking the promise of providing jobs, reduction in the size of Government; reducing the cost of living and pursuing a zero tolerance for corruption, but rather engaging in what he called "profligate expenditure on presidential aircraft; palaces and lavish anniversary celebrations".

Placing value on truth, and appropriate sanctions on errant political behaviour, the NDC Flag Bearer said genuine and public demonstration of the trustworthiness of leaders should define Ghana's leadership in 2009 and beyond. "And should any member of the Atta Mills' Government act in ways contrary to our national purpose and character, rest assured that Atta Mills will be swift in acting." "I will not govern according to my desires; I will govern according to the will of the people. I make a pledge to engage with opposing points of view."

Prof Mills, who is a Former Vice President of Ghana from 1996 to 2000, expressed worry about Ghana's sunken image as major drug trafficking country, and promised to redeem that image and save the Ghanaian public from the "the scourge of crime and armed robbery. The NDC Flag Bearer, an accomplished university don; tax expert; lawyer and sportsman, paid tribute to the founding fathers; the National Executives, and foot-soldiers of the Party and expressed conviction that it would be victorious in the December elections.

Prof Mills urged Ghanaians to hold the Electoral Commission to the same standards they held it in the run-up to Election 2000. "We only ask the Electoral Commission to do its duty impartially and not to succumb to any subtle pressures.

"The NDC is wide awake, and we will open our eyes much wider in the coming days and weeks especially when the voters register is re-opened and on the voting day itself.

"Let the ruling party be in no doubt of the NDC's strong determination to prevent a repeat of electoral abuses, including abuse of incumbency, which characterized the 2004 elections," Prof Mills said. Prof Mills again expressed confidence in Mr Mahama, MP for Bole Bamboi as his running mate, declaring; "I have a Running Mate, John Mahama, in whom I am well pleased."


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