Monday, May 19, 2008

Police to quiz Ketu North MP over "wild allegations"

The Volta Regional Police Command says it will soon send a notice to the Speaker of Parliament to request the release of the MP for Ketu, Hon North James Klutse Avedzi, to assist in investigations over allegations of a plot to cause mayhem in the constituency in the December elections.

Speaking at the NDC's Tertiary Education Institution Network in Ho at the weekend, Mr Avedzi alleged that government had made arms available to some 'special forces' to shoot indiscriminately to scare people off from voting.

But the region's police commander said the MP had failed to bring the matter to his attention despite a meeting with him at the weekend to discuss bail for a criminal suspect in custody.

DCOP Derry in an interview with Joy News said the claims by the MP were too serious to leave uninvestigated.

"It looks as if he is interested in making wild allegations against people…it is a very wild allegation and people shouldn't hide behind the offices they hold to make such statements against authorities " DCOP Derry stated.

He said the MP would be invited to "state the source of the allegation and evidence that government has acquired arms for people to be shooting here and there."

Meanwhile, Hon James Klutse Avedzi in a separate interview with Joy News said he had been reluctant to release information to the police because the service in the district had been implicated in the matter, adding, he would rather take the matter up elsewhere.

"They are the same people involved in the matter, so why do I report it to them?" Mr Avedzi asked rather rhetorically.

Though he would not mention specific individuals behind the training of the alleged special forces, the MP said the he was sure there was a programme of such nature being undertaken to wreck an "electoral havoc" on his constituency.

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