Thursday, August 28, 2008

Demand politics of ideas - NPP

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has urged Ghanaians to reject what it termed "negative politics of lies" and to demand the "politics of ideas" from all political parties.

The party was making particular reference to statements allegedly made by the flag bearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Prof. John Atta-Mills a few days ago at Asikuma-Odoben-Brakwa constituency in the Central region that members of the NPP who left Ghana at the height of the PNDC era were cowards.

A statement issued in Accra on Wednesday by the Nana Akufo Addo Campaign team, and signed by the Chiarman of the Communication Committee of the team said Prof. Atta Mils also accused the NPP of running a system of arbitrary arrests, particularly with regards to drivers, saying, "This are all a mouthful of lies from Prof. Atta-Mills".

The statement said many brave Ghanaians at one time or the other in the 1980's suffered death, imprisonment or exile at the hands of the PNDC regime led by the founder of the NDC, former President Rawlings. It said that amongst those who died were the three high court judges and a retired army officer, whose deaths are commemorated every June 30th.

It said amongst those jailed were Akenteng Appiah Menka, Kwame Pianim and Sam Okudzeto, as well as Tommy Thompson and Obeng Manu, both deceased.

"Included in the many that spent time in exile were the late Victor Owusu, former Presidential candidate, Mr J.H. Mensah, Dan Botwe, Asamoah Boateng, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and myself, Dr Authur Kennedy". "All these were brave and loyal citizens who risked their lives and liberties for the freedoms we have today. That so many in the NPP can be counted amongst the ranks of these brave citizens of our land is perhaps testament to our party's commitment to freedom.

"Furthermore, their names on this role are testament, not to cowardice as Prof. Mills claims but to bravery. Indeed, to have survived the dictatorship by maintaining silence in the face of the pervasive evil, as Prof Mills and many others did may have been prudent but it was not courageous".

"Those were the days when lawyers like Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and Sam Okudzeto stood like sentinels in our dark night showing that right will eventually triumph over the evil of the PNDC. "Maybe, if Prof Mills needs to be reminded of the events of those days, he should talk to his mentor, former President Rawlings. If Prof Mills could not join the many who sacrificed, let him not dishonour their service".

The statement said with regards to Prof. Atta-Mills accusation of the NPP government carrying out arbitrary arrests, all persons under the current democratic dispensation, had a right to face their accusers in court, and that many who had been accused had been acquitted by courts. "The issue of drivers, the police and road safety must be carefully balanced in the interest of the public. The recent spate of accidents, many stemming from driver error and indiscipline is a major concern for all Ghanaians, including drivers.

"Where was Prof. Mills' concern about arbitrary arrests when people were picked from their homes and either jailed or executed during the PNDC era?

The statement said Prof Mills promise at Winneba at the weekend to reduce the price of fuel was ridiculous.

It said that Ghanaians understood that certain things were beyond the complete control of the ruling government and that the price of oil was one of these.

"When the NDC had a chance to prospect for oil with Prof Mills at the helm of Ghana's economic management team and Hon John Mahama at his side, he chose to focus the GNPC on everything except prospecting for oil. He has no credibility on that issue".

"Finally, all these are consistent with the NDC's policy of lying about everything just to get elected. We urge the people of Ghana to reject them"

"We are for free education for the Senior High School level and what is the NDC for?

"We are for strengthening NHIS and extending its benefits to pregnant women and children and what are they for? "We are for bridging the gap between the north and the south and what are they for?

"We will foster the environment for entrepreneurs to create the good, high-paying jobs of tomorrow and what are they for? "We are for doubling the size of the police and improving the quality of their training and what is the NDC for?

"We are for a free, fair and peaceful election that will make Ghana the model for the Zimbabwes and the Kenyas of our world and what is the NDC for?


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