Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tema West NPP holds reconciliation meeting

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) members of Tema West constituency on Friday night held a reconciliatory party aimed at uniting with a common purpose of campaigning together and winning massively in the impending elections to retain the seat. The party brought together all the 10 polling station chairmen, opinion leaders and executive members in the camps of the newly elected parliamentary candidate, Madam Naa Torshie Addo and the incumbent MP Mr Abraham Ossei-Aidoo, the Majority Leader.

Before the primary was held last Saturday August 2, conflict arose between the camps of the incumbent and the candidate accusing each other of playing tactics to delay the event and this generated tension. The primary was however held in a peaceful atmosphere with Madam Addo, a lawyer and Ghana's Deputy Ambassador to the United States winning overwhelmingly with 55 votes against Mr Ossei-Aidoo, also Parliamentary Affairs Minister polling 37 votes.

During the primary she publicly apologized to the incumbent MP to forgive and forget about the occurrence for which he readily accepted. Addressing the executives at the dinner, Madam Addo appealed to all to bury the differences between them and rather close their ranks to prevent infiltrations from other parties. She called for their support by intensifying their campaigns to enable the party to win massively as the continued skirmishes have the tendency to erode the gains achieved.

The candidate, who looked confident pledged to consult and tap the rich ideas and experience in parliamentary affairs of the incumbent lawyer Ossei-Aiddo to run her administration. "I will forever consult Mr Aidoo's for his advice to move the party forward because in unity lies strength since the constituency has the potential of retaining win the seat", she declared. Madam Addo however called for their vigilance at the polling stations to ensure that the elections is conducted smoothly. Though Mr Aidoo was not present in person because he was said to have travelled outside the country, supporters of his camp were present in their numbers at the party which aimed at sealing their get-together. 09 Aug. 08

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