Friday, November 28, 2008

Middle-income status attainable - CPP

Dr Forster Abu Sakara, Vice Presidential Candidate of Convention People's Party (CPP), on Friday said Ghana could become a middle-income country only if it increased its manufacturing capacity and made the productive sector competitive internationally.
     He said the focus should be to increase productivity by strengthening strategic investment in the agricultural sector, strong tax incentives and clear trade policies to ensure that the country's entrepreneurs became viable in both the local and international markets.
      Dr Sakara was answering questions at the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) organised vice presidential candidate's debate at Cape Coast in the Central Region.
       He noted that the critical issue was not how wealth was being created but how to increase productivity and sustain it to enable the economy to stay on the path of growth, adding that government should assume the role of striking the right strategic partnership to grow the economy.
       On corruption, Dr Sakara prescribed stiffer punitive measures and the strengthening of existing State institutions to make them autonomous in holding public office holders accountable as deterrence to corruption.
   He said there should be periodic reviews of assets of public office holders and properties found to have been acquired illegally should be confiscated.
      Dr Sakara said the CPP was determined to fight corruption "and we would do this by leadership by example".
     He said the party would ensure that they put structures in place to randomly check both the central and local government as well as institute avenues for complaints of impropriety against public office holders.
     Asked how he saw his role as vice president, Dr Sakara said he would ensure that his skills would be brought to bear on the vision of the Leader of the party.
    He said he is bringing to the ticket of the CPP valuable knowledge that would ensure that the agricultural sector, which held the potential for the country's growth, was sustained.

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