Friday, November 28, 2008

Reduce petroleum prices - Prof. Mills

The flag bearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Professor John Evans Atta Mills, has called on the government to listen to the genuine complaints of the people and implement policies to reduce their suffering.

He said when crude oil prices were rising on the world market; prices of the product in the country were constantly adjusted upwards to march the world market price.

Professor Mills said yet when the world market price of the product fell to almost half the highest price that it rose to, the prices of petroleum products in the country had not been adjusted to correspond to current market price, making life unbearable to ordinary citizens.

He was speaking at a mini rally at Amanase in the Ayensuano constituency on Thursday as part of his five- day tour of the Eastern Region, which started on Wednesday.

He assured teachers in the country that if by the "Grace of God" he becomes the President of the country after the December general elections, he would improve their service conditions and enhance their dignity in the society.

Earlier at a similar rally at Suhum, he assured the people that if voted into power, he would provide the security agencies with all the needed equipment that would enable them to stop the serial killings going on in the town.

Prof Mills said he had worked with many of the security agencies in the country and assured that many of the personnel were prepared to lay down their lives for the good of the country, but was lacking the necessary equipment and motivation to enable them give of their best.

He said the country could not move forward with high corruption, dishonesty, arrogance and promotion and usage of cocaine as the country was being witnessed in recent times.

Prof. Mills assured the people of Ghana of hard working, honesty and humble leadership if elected President on December 7.

Prof Mills and his entourage also visited Begoro, Kwabeng and Nkyenoa.

Source: GNA

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