Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Armed Forces deny allegations

The Ghana Armed Forces on Monday denied that the Military High Command had sent troops to Denu in the Volta Region to collect ballot boxes or swap them.

A statement signed by Colonel E.W.K. Nibo, Director, Public Relations explained that the troops were there to stabilise the situation at Denu after a request for reinforcement.

The statement said the Military High Command received reports of chaotic situation in Denu where security personnel and some party agents were allegedly chased out of their respective polling centres.

"The High Command therefore authorised the dispatch of a helicopter (which was the fastest means of insertion of troops) to Denu and the remainder of the troops by road," the statement said.

The Military High Command therefore advised all media houses to be circumspect in their reports and appealed to them to crosscheck their information on military activities from authentic military sources before putting information in the public domain in order not create panic, anxiety and alarm.

It further advised the public to remain calm and peaceful until the final results are announced by the Electoral Commission.

Source: GNA

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