Monday, December 22, 2008

NDC calls for last push to victory

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has called on its supporters in the Volta Region to vote massively in the last push to victory on December 28.
     The call was made by a host of speakers at a victory rally held by the Ho Central Youth Wing of the party at the weekend.
     The speakers included Mr Fifii Kotey, National Propaganda Secretary of the Party; Ms Jessie Ekumebu, Volta Regional Deputy Women's Organizer; Captain George Nfodjo (rtd) MP-elect for Ho Central; Mr Ludwig Hlodze a Youth Activist and Mr Fred Agbenu, National President of the Tertiary Educational Institutions Network (TEIN) of the Party among others.
     They took turns to stress the need for the Party's supporters in the Region to shed complacency and apathy and leave nothing to chance in the December 28 Presidential runoff.
     Mr Kotey urged supporters of the Party to act as foot soldiers and organizers in a massive mobilization drive, to get all registered voters to the polling stations on that day.
     He said the Party would be relying on its massive support in the Region to clinch victory in the runoff.
     Ms Ekumebu said more than 25,000 people in the Region did not vote on December 7.
     "Whether rain or shine let us make it a point to vote on December 28," she said.Mr Hlodze urged supporters, who have some business totransact in neighbouring Togo to do so, a few days before the runoff so as not to get stranded in that country as happened during the December 7 elections, following the closure of Ghana's border with that country.
 "Know that your thumbs are as lethal as bullets, a means for humbling people," he said.
 Mr Ganyaglo urged the youth of the Party to educate their relatives and friends on the best way to vote in order that the Party harnesses all its valid votes.
 He urged them to be watchful and vigilant during the various stages of the election that day.They were to ensure that ballot papers given were stamped by the Election Assistants and did not have any othe
r marks that might render them invalid.
      Those who have lost their voter identity cards were also asked to go to the polling stations to have their identities checked in the voters' register so as not to miss the right to vote.

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