Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ghanaians urged to support winner of Presidential Runoff

Reverend Daniel Sackey, Resident Pastor of the Pentecostal International Worship Centre in Takoradi, on Thursday called on Ghanaians to support whoever would emerge as the winner of the Presidential Runoff on December 28.
     Preaching the sermon on Christmas day in Takoradi, the clergyman said God would enable the right person to win the polls and asked the people irrespective of their ethnic, religious and political background to rally behind the victor.
     Rev. Sackey asked Ghanaians not to take God's favour for the people for granted, especially as the country prepared for the runoff.
     He said "Our thoughts, words and action towards each other should reflect peace before, during and after the Presidential run-off" and called on Ghanaians to emulate the peace, love and humility of Jesus Christ.
     Rev. Sackey appealed to government to manage the country's oil find judiciously to accelerate national development and to ensure equitable distribution of the national cake.

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