Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I honestly believe that, the longer it takes for us to elect a new prez the better opportunity the current one will have to apologize to us all for taking us for granted. And also, correct all the wrongs they've meted to us. So the second round needs to be rescheduled. We are certainly living in 'sweet' interesting times and i DON'T WANT IT TO END.

This is all good for us. i mean look at events happening after the elections...fuel prices are coming down even though the TOR debts hasn't been settled,prisoners are being released and compensated (whatever the reason,i think its a bad move), my documents at MOFEP has been signed after several months of waiting for release of funds, Prez being saddened by corruption in UDS, Prez is at home for the past em...em... (someone help me out on this one),the 'non-existent' pair-trawling boats are going to be chased out, all 'outstanding' salary arrears for civil servants have been sorted out and bonuses are being dished out in some cases...aba! And guess what?!!! someone sneaked in last night to fix all the portholes on the road i use to my workplace!!! Unbelievable. Please DO NOT read any politics into this. All this stuff was in the pipeline and the elections had nothing to do with it.

I tell u no lie my friend, am really feeling a positive change in my pocket...i bought fuel for GH ¢30 and my tank was brimming full...if u don't like this what else do you want eh? Please God, i humbly ask for an unprecedented snow storm in Ghana on 28th of December so the elections will be rescheduled. Who knows, fuel prices will drop further down, Tsatsu's case will go to appeal and he will be released, gov't officials will stop using 'those' cars so we save some fuel and the environment, Jake will no longer be interested in the(our) house he 'grabbed' and return it, we will get GT back and still have VODAFONE around to put MTN on their bloody toes (am i the only one receiving crappy service from MTN?) we will finally achieve the zero percentage on corruption...hallelujah(th
is is where you finally clap for yourself for achieving this feat) armed robbers and other like minded criminals will be dealt with and we will all have our piece of mind etc etc etc.

I really feel am moving forward already with Prez. Kufour and honestly dont want him to go. Infact, i don't want CHANGE and i don't want to MOVE FORWARD any further! i want to be WHERE WE ARE (Apologise to Dr. Ndoum).

What else do we need from our dear Prez? We have a nice enabling environment for private business enterprise,HIPC PROJECTS all over the place, the NHIS, our mothers are giving birth for free (common guys...this is where you 'flow the fans'),the kids eventually get free ride to school and get fed for free, the Indians gave us free money for our GOLDEN JUBILEE HOUSE (icing on the cake for me i tell you), FREEDOM OF THE PRESS, new Ghana Cedi (appropriately named....KUFOUR DOLLAR) the PSI is being revived and above all, you, Prez. Kufour is the only STAR OF THE EAGLES OF THE GOLDEN LAND! The achievements plenty.

I do not want another Prez to come and tell me once again that the previous gov't left us some debts of 'so so and so' and therefore prices have to go up! (NO WAY! Nyame mpe ngu na abosam nfa!!) or spend another eight years of my time and realize at the last minute that he hasn't been treating me the taxpayer(its small ba hey...) well. Too much stress and depressing for me about this 'i-beg-u-please forgive-me-campaign' confused and don't even know the form of forgiveness you want and dont want go through it ever again!(eben asem koraa nso nye eh!) Please spare me man. No one has anything to hide or done anything wrong. Mr. Prez, you've done bloody well and am rooting and sticking tightly to you. After all, you've been around the world a couple of times already, received more awards than everyone one else and i believe you are settled now and we will be enjoying much sweeter times with you than anyone else. Its all pure jealousy with those haters!

Finally, i thank all you guys who voted the last time for splitting the whole show and making all these good things happen to us here in Ghana. Now, i beg all of u to join me in my prayers for God almighty to grant us the snow-storm. Amen.

Please God, i know am asking a bit too much now. But, i beg you, whenever things begin to get a bit out of hand again with the Prez, melt the snow 'small-small' so that the EC will have some 'confi' to announce a date for the outstanding re-run....good things will start happening to us all over again and then another heavy snow-storm...on and on and on.....

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