Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Northern Region CPP throws its weight behind the NDC

The Northern Region branch of the Convention People's Party (CPP) has thrown its weight behind the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) as means of helping it to win the December 28, Presidential run-off.
     A statement issued in Tamale on Tuesday and signed by Mr Bashiru Dabali, Regional Organizer of the party, reminded Ghanaians and the other minority parties about the need for change.
     He said the change would be incomplete if the NPP was allowed to continue to be in office saying, "To remain neutral in such clear choices would be criminal.
     "We also wish to remind supporters of the CPP and the entire Ghanaian electorate that we as a party approached the December elections on a platform of change.
     "Together with our partners in opposition, who also advocated for change, we can make a giant step by ending the NPP eight year-rule."
     The statement said though Ghanaians had exhibited their willingness to change the NPP government during the December 7, elections, they should bear in mind that the decisive battle was ahead on December 28, and called on Nkrumaists to come out and vote for the NDC for a massive victory.
     According to the statement, the NPP's eight-year rule was characterized with "Vindictiveness, selective justice, terror, corruption, abuse of office and deceit", which makes the opposition NDC a better alternative.
     Mr Dabali said the NDC held the key to prosperity, national unity, justice, and respect for the rule of law, as well as represents honesty and integrity.      
     He stressed the need for all to lend support to Professor Mills.
     The statement claimed that the NPP was signalling no change in direction and attitude, and that they were moving forward on a dangerous path, which meant pushing the people of the country further to the brink of national confrontation.
     It says the problems of the north were that of poverty, disease, hunger and conflicts, and that the CPP had taken note of the NDC programmes of economic transformation of the north, as captured in the Savanna Development Fund project.
     The CPP said some of the NDC's programmes fell in line with the earlier vision of Dr Kwame Nkrumah, founder of the CPP and that all the campaign messages of the NDC were achievable.
     "We have equally acquainted ourselves with Professor Evans Atta Mills' public service record and testimonies of people who have worked with him.
     "All these have left no doubts on our minds that Prof Mills is a very honest man, a fatherly and God-fearing person, who would be truthful and sincere to Ghanaians when voted into power," the statement said.
      It said "In this direction, we of the CPP in Northern Region call on our members and supporters to cast their votes for the candidate of the National Democratic Party (NDC), Prof John Evans Atta Mills in the Presidential run-off scheduled for December 28."
      Meanwhile Mr Clifford Abdallah Braimah, Northern Regional Secretary of the NPP said the party was not perturbed by the CPP rooting for Prof Mills because, they would not make any impact.
     "We are not surprised at it all and we know that there are key and influential people in the CPP who would not vote for Mills," he told the GNA in an interview. 

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