Friday, December 5, 2008

Akwatia Independent candidate hopeful of victory

The independent parliamentary candidate for Akwatia, Mr Basil Ahiable, has appealed to the electorate to reject candidates of political parties and vote for him.
      Addressing a rally at Boadua, Mr Ahiable said previous parliamentarians did not perform well and let down the constituency.
     He said those MPs lacked vision and productive ideas and were unable to offer leadership to push the constituency forward.
     Mr Ahiable said they also succeeded in dividing the people along political lines making it impossible for the people to unite and work together to improve their communities,
     Describing himself as a "unifier", Mr Ahiable said he had entered the political scene to bring the people together as one solid block for progress.
     The independent candidate said he would create jobs, improve education and generally give the people better living standards.
     Mr Ahiable who is a Procurement Manager of Shell Company for West, Central and East Africa, said he was bringing investors to the constituency to invest in a number of fields including agro-processing.
     He said he would establish an ICT Training Centre at Akwatia to train students to a high level.

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j.sirce said...

From the Daily Graphic, Tues Dec. 9,
There have been irregularities in this district … which as you may know, has the most diamond processing in the nation...