Sunday, December 14, 2008

Be vigilant at the run-off to ensure victory – Prof. Mills

Professor John Evans Atta Mills, National Democratic Congress (NDC) Presidential Candidate for Election 2008, on Sunday urged supporters to be vigilant during the December 28 run-off to ensure victory and usher in the desired change for a better Ghana.
       Confident of victory at the run-off, Prof. Mills reiterated his message of change and reminded the electorate that the change could only come through vigilance at the run-off to restore hope and offer better opportunities to Ghanaians.
       Addressing thousands of party supporters at Kawukudi Park in Accra, Prof. Mills said the NDC won most of the Parliamentary seats and Presidential votes in seven out of the 10 regions, and would give the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) "an even bigger blow in the run-off."
       Prof. Mills arrived at the rally ground at 1700 hours in a white long-sleeved shirt over black trousers and black shoes, a cap embossed with NDC colours and a muffler in an open-top vehicle waved to the enthusiastic crowd who responded with a sea of white handkerchiefs.
       He criticised the NPP for taking advantage of its incumbency, adding "we are contesting an opponent that has so much money."
       However, Prof. Mills said money was not the main decider for victory, "money is not everything. Nobody should think that Ghanaians can be bought".
       Prof. Mills noted that Ghanaians had been subjected to persecution and harassment under the eight-year rule of the NPP, during which most Ghanaians were treated with contempt, arrogance and scorn.
      "But for Election 2008 which has made them humble to accept their mistakes," he added.
      Prof. Mills pointed out that reduction in prices of petroleum products announced last Friday by the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) was not enough and promised further reduction when elected during the run-off.
      He gave the assurance that an NDC Government under his administration would not abandon the National Health Insurance Scheme and National Youth Employment Programme, but institute measures to improve on their performance.
      Other speakers at the rally urged the supporters to vote massively for Prof. Mills during the run-off and be vigilant to protect his victory.
       They also urged the Electoral Commission to ensure number of rejected ballots was reduced.

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