Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christians cautioned against misconduct during elections

Members of the Elorm E.P. Church Ho-Bankoe have been exhorted to stay clear of situations likely to bring them into conflict with laws governing the December 7 elections.
      Reverend Oscar K. Pida, the Parish Pastor gave the exhortation at a fasting and prayer session of the Church.
      Prayers were offered for the Electoral Commissioners and workers of the Commission, Political Parties, Presidential Candidates, Media, Security and the country.
     Members of the Church expressed optimism that God will take the country through this year's elections peacefully as before.
     "Nobody from Elorm should fall foul of the law that day, any misconduct would land you in prison, Rev Pida cautioned.
      Reverend Pida told his Parishioners to resist the urge to intervene in fights at the polling stations or anywhere near there that day because it would be difficult to determine who was neutral in such fights.
      He said civilians have no business arresting people who would flout election laws at the polling stations.
      Reverend Pida appealed to parents and guardians to educate their children against misbehaving anywhere near the polling stations that day.
      "I have decided on my candidates already, I will rejoice, if they win, if they lose I will accept it and hope for next four years," Reverend Pida said, urging his Parishioners to do likewise.

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