Friday, December 12, 2008

Ghanaians urged to try “hang Parliament”

Ghanaians have been called upon to try the "hang Parliament" system of governance for a change in order to improve governance.
     Dr Samuel Buame, who lost as an independent candidate in the Ho East constituency in the just ended parliamentary elections made the call in an interview with the Ghana News Agency on Thursday.
     He said the 'hang Parliament" practiced in several countries including Israel and Japan was a government in which power was not placed in the hands of one party to rule a country.
     He said in such a parliament, the Executive has to negotiate with the majority opposition on bills it presented to parliament rather than "forcing every bill down the throat of the people".
     Dr Buame said it also checked the Executive from abusing the power entrusted to it by the people adding "it will also check extravagant lifestyles of the Executive.
 "It will keep the Executive on their toes and Ghanaians will greatly benefit from such a system as it will make our democratic governance interesting and lively".
 Dr Buame a lecturer at the University of Ghana, denied allegation that he wanted to enter parliament to make money.
       "It is the campaign message of my detractors, I am a self made man, and I am a lecturer at the university, so my intention was not to make money but to help my area which is so deprived".
 He said because of his credibility the two big political parties had sought to get him to join them, but he was yet to decide his future political plans.

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