Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Chief advocates union government for Africa

    African countries have been urged to adopt union government concept to replace the western democratic system of government being practiced in most African countries.
   Nai Kwao Otuo V, a member of the Constituent Assembly that drew the 1992 Constitution, made the suggestion at the first anniversary celebration of Liberty Evangelical Bible Ministries House of Love Assembly, at Awutu-Ofaankor near Kasoa on Sunday.
     He said the practice of such a political system would help bring on board people with different political, ethnic, and religious backgrounds for national development. 
     Nai Otuo expressed hope that the acceptance of union government would help in resolving once and for problems associated with partisan politics in African.
    He said it would also address the concept of power sharing government which seemed to be gaining grounds on the continent in recent times, following conflicts between ruling political parties and the opposition parties.
    Nai Otuo cited Kenya, Cote'd Ivoire and Zimbabwe and said disturbances there could have been avoided if the union government system was adopted and charged Ghanaian to consider adopting the concept.

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