Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ndoun chooses running mate

 Dr. Paa Kwesi Ndoum, flag bearer of the Convention People's Party (CPP), on Sunday selected Dr. Abu Sakara Foster, an agricultural economists and First National Vice-Chairman of the CPP, as his running mate.
    He made the announcement at a rally to celebrate the birthday of the founder of CPP and the first President of Ghana, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.
   The occasion was also used to officially launch the CPP campaign for the 2008 general election.
    Dr. Ndoum said the professional capabilities and achievements of Dr. Sakara in agricultural mechanization, rather than his religion, tribe and ethnic group, informed his choice as running mate.
   He said Dr. Sakara, 50, had a proven record of having put money in the pockets of many Ghanaians and citizens of other countries through his work in agricultural mechanization.
   Dr. Sakara is a Gonja and the Executive Director of Rural and Agricultural Development Associates.
   "This is a man who can run with the vision of the CPP to provide jobs for Ghanaians and indeed he is a man who can become president of Ghana one day," he said.
Dr. Ndoum held the hand of his running mate and their wives joined them to lift up their hands as a show of unity and strength to lead the country from next year.
   "Look at us" Dr. Ndoum said, "We are no more the CPP that is made up of old and weak members, we are strong and youthful, ready to lead our country into prosperity."
    He said the single digit votes that the CPP got in some constituencies during the 2004 elections was a thing of the past and that in 2008 election CPP would rake in  thousands of votes whiles its competitors would trail behind with 100s, 10s and single digits.
    Dr. Ndoum led the ecstatic throng of CPP faithful to display their membership cards as a show of their determination to win power in the December poll.
    He reminded Ghanaians that the most important infrastructure in the country today were those built by the CPP under Osagyefo Dr. Nkrumah, adding that when CPP comes back to power it would continue with is tradition of building infrastructure and creating jobs for Ghanaians.
     "The NPP has a tradition of selling state property but we will take back everything they sold and restore it to Ghanaians so that Ghanaians will benefit from what belongs to them," he said.
    Touching on the oil recently discovered off the shores of the country, Dr. Ndoum said if the oil would not benefit Ghanaians it may as well stay where it is and not be drilled.
 Dr. Ndoum said a CPP government would build a petrol chemical industry in the Western Region where the oil had been discovered to create jobs for Ghanaians.
    "We do not want another Akwatia, Prestea and Obuasi where rich mineral resources are being mined and yet the people live in abject poverty," he said.
    Dr. Ndoum appealed to Ghanaians to give the CPP a chance to work its magic in creating jobs, saying that a CPP government would within 100 days in office build a meat factory, a tomato factory, a sugar factory and jute sack factory in areas they are most needed.
    Dr. Sakara pledged to bring to the CPP campaign what it would take for the CPP to win the election.
    He said the confidence reposed in him as a young man indicated that "it is time for the youth to rise up and take up the leadership mantle of this country."
    "We will no longer be contained, we are moving with resilient faith and confidence for nothing but victory," he said.
    He assured Ghanaians that a vote for CPP is a vote for peace, saying that the CPP would not fight with sticks and stones but with ideas that would put money in the pockets of Ghanaians.

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