Thursday, September 25, 2008

NDC says will roll out roadmap to a prosperous nation

    The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has tagged its Election 2008 Manifesto as Roadmap to Building a Prosperous Nation for all Ghanaians irrespective of political or ethnic affiliations.
     The NDC says it reckons that Election 2008 offers Ghanaians an opportunity to change the mode of governance once again for accelerated development "as a third term continuous governance under the New Patriotic Party would lead to stagnation of the development of the nation".
     "The NDC believes that governments must place the needs of the working people before the needs of those who already have more than they need. We are certainly not against wealth accumulation by individuals and groups," says the NDC.
     "But as a Party that is anchored to the social democracy philosophy and espouses the tenets of our ideology unashamedly, all our efforts must be geared towards protecting and supporting the vulnerable, the disadvantaged, the marginalised and the have-nots in society," the manuscript of the NDC Manifesto obtained by the Ghana News Agency in Accra on Wednesday said.
     The NDC Election 2008 Manifesto highlights said the youth in particular would be at the core of policy initiatives to restore hope, investing in them and creating sustainable opportunities that would be to their benefit and fill them with a sense of belonging such that they would be committed to the Better Ghana agenda not only for their benefit but also for the benefit of the generations that would come after them. 
     The NDC said its next government would "measure its successes in the extent to which we shall be able to implement the policies contained in this Manifesto that will benefit the vast majority of Ghanaians by way of job creation and infrastructure expansion and the extent to which we will be able to provide Ghanaians with the needed social services".
    It said the provision of security to Ghanaians, ensuring justice for all, making the laws of the land work without fear or favour, as well as a committed approach to ridding Ghana of the drug menace, would feature prominently on the NDC's agenda. 
     "The NDC seeks a majority from the electorate upon the basis of a coherent and definite programme. 
    "The party reaffirms its conviction that social democracy provides the best solution for the evils resulting from unregulated competition and the domination of vested interests."
     The NDC said it focused on a growth path that would lead to building a "Better Ghana," in which all with potential would be able to prosper "with zest, zeal, commitment, vision and love for country, a Better Ghana can, and will, be built".
     The NDC claimed that its Election 2008 Manifesto was created by Ghanaians of all walks of life and from across the regions who spoke to Professor John Evans Atta Mills during the door-to-door tours.
    "The policies and pledges contained are built upon the difficulties and challenges Ghanaians find most important. The NDC Manifesto is dedicated to those who work and contribute to their families, businesses and communities, but are blocked from social and economic openings.
     "It seeks to empower every Ghanaian to access the necessities of life in security and play a meaningful part in developing our country".
     In apparent reference to its eight year rule, from 1993 to 2000, the statement said the party did its utmost best to reconstruct the nation's foundation and build on such a foundation.
     "The opportunity beckons once again for the NDC to seize the moment that a sure victory in this year's election will bring to nation and Ghanaians back on its reconstructive path towards building a Better Ghana. 
     The NDC statement said Ghanaians deserved "a Better Ghana", as the current rulers (NPP) had failed the nation especially in the areas of the economy, employment, the environment, health, education, the utilities failure is the best mark that can be given to the NPP Government.
     The NPP has said its records of good administration have seen the country better placed than when they took over from the NDC in 2001.
     The NDC allowing the market forces free and unrestrained rein to give direction to our development agenda had failed to give employment to willing workers, leaving a nation grappling with a large section of its population very despondent.
     The statement accused the NPP government of restricting and abandoning social services which were essential features of a democratic society. 
     "Those currently in charge of managing the affairs of state have certainly not done a good job of it in spite of their claims that the economy is on track," the statement noted.
     There is more than enough evidence that point to the fact that under the NPP Government, a whole generation is being bequeathed with hopelessness, despair, drugs, immorality and crime and "we must rescue them from their precarious and frightening dead-end lest we kill their future and kill the future of our dear country".
     The NDC therefore called on the electorate to vote massively for Prof. John Evans Atta Mills and NDC parliamentary aspirants on December 7 to form the next government in January 7 2009.

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