Tuesday, September 23, 2008

PNC will bridge the gap between the North and the south- Says National Chairman

    Alhaj Ahmed Ramadan, National Chairman of the People's National Convention (PNC) said on Friday that the party would implement good policies to bridge the gap between the North and the South when voted into power in the December elections.
   He said, "The three Northern regions have not benefited much from government policies of both the past and present, due to lack of good implementation."    
   Speaking to Ghana News Agency (GNA) in an interview in Accra, Alhaji Ramadan said the PNC government would take pragmatic measures such as giving serious attention to shea butter making, providing adequate farming facilities to farmers as well as using the youth in the north as agents for development.
   Alhaji Ramadan added that the PNC government would give the same benefits that cocoa farmers were enjoying such as free spraying of farms, providing them with guarantees to access farm tools to rice, yam as well as citrus farmers.
   He said the conflicts in the north is a true reflection of poverty and suffering that the people were going through, adding that, the situation could only be remedied when there were enough jobs for the youth to earn their income.
   Briefing GNA on this year's elections, Alhaji Ramadan said, the party will contest all the 230 parliamentary seats in the country and that they intend to win.
   He also disclosed that, Dr.Edward Mahama, PNC's Presidential Candidate is touring some parts of the Volta and Eastern Regions.   
   Alhaji Ramadan said PNC believes strongly in women and the youth and that they would implement policies that would benefit them.

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