Saturday, December 6, 2008

Nigeria donates vehicles to Electoral Commission

The Nigerian government has donated five Toyota pick-up vehicles valued at 200,000 dollars to Electoral Commission towards the success of Election 2008 to ensure the deepening of the country's democratic process.
     Nigeria's High Commissioner to Ghana, Senator Mohammed Musiliu Obanikoro, who handed the vehicles to the EC said that Nigerian President Umaru Yar Adua was very interested in Ghana's elections and was showing commitment by presenting the vehicles to aid the process during and after the polls.
      He noted that Ghana had become a political leader in the history of Africa, adding that, the country would be making a "positive democratic statement" to the continent and the rest of the world if the elections went successfully.
     Senator Obanikoro said that Ghana was a beacon of hope in the sub-region and that other nations were looking up to the country to establish free, fair and peaceful polls to serve as model for other states.
     "Sunday would further prove Ghana's leadership in terms of democratic practice and Nigeria is looking up to it".
       The High Commissioner said when the elections went successfully there would be no need for election observers in the country, as it (Ghana) would be credited for conducting three successful elections in a row.
     "Ghana has become a stable democracy and observers would not be needed in future elections. And we strongly identify with Ghana", he said.
        Mr David Kanga, Deputy Chairman of the EC who received the vehicles expressed gratitude for the gesture, adding that, Ghana was also learning from Nigeria.
     He noted that if Ghana adopted the biometric system used in Nigeria, the problems that characterized the voter registration process would have been avoided, adding that, the country would be drawing from the experience of Nigeria when it adopts the biometric system in future.

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