Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Actions of NDC Transition Team come under fire

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) Minority in Parliament on Wednesday said some actions of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) transition team amounted to "utter and contemptuous disregard of the law, intimidation and violation of independent constitutional bodies."
     The Minority at a press conference in Parliament led by its Leader, Mr Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu, said the Auditor-General was unceremoniously summoned on Monday and made to submit a draft audit report on the Ghana@50 celebrations.
     He said the action was clearly illegal, as by law the Auditor-General may only submit reports, interim or final, to Parliament.
      "The whole event smacks of an inquisition and a return of the notorious and infamous citizens vetting committee of the '80s.  At one point the Auditor-General had to exclaim '…you can't teach me how to do my job!'"
    Mr Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu said: "The Auditor-General is a creature of the Constitution and his office is established under article 187 of the Constitution.  As provided in article 187(2) and 187(5) the Auditor-General prepares reports on the public account of Ghana which he submits to Parliament."
     The Minority Leader said the Transition Team was a body unknown to the constitutional dispensation and did not have the power to summon the Auditor-General.
     He said the President had powers to request the Auditor-General to do some auditing and that power is only exercised on the "advice of the Council of State which is at the moment non-existent.".
     "Even then, it is our contention that the destination of the report so ordered by the President under article 187(8) of the Constitution is Parliament and nowhere else and certainly not the corridors of the NDC Transition Team."
    He said the actions of the Transition Team were a blatant attempt to undermine the independence of a constitutional body, adding that; "this smacks of a creeping dictatorship and puts our young democracy at risk."
     "We call on the good people of this country to stand up against and reject this creeping dictatorship, arrogance and actions of impunity.  We call on all independent institutions of State to stand firm."
     He assured Ghanaians that they would remain firm and resolute in their determination decapitate the resurging culture of impunity in the bid to protect and defend the constitution of the land by all legal means.

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