Friday, January 16, 2009

Hundreds lobby for posts in Mills' government

The Accra International Conference Centre is said to have become a beehive of activity as several people have thronged the centre where the government transition teams are holding meetings.

Members of the transition teams, who are working from the centre, are said to have requested the crowd to stay away as the situation is getting embarrassing.

Hannah-Tetteh, spokesperson for the government transition team, responding to the report admitted that "there are a lot of people who have all of a sudden become friendly to the President" but said their presence at the conference centre will have no impact on the work of the team.

Ms Tetteh said the transition teams would engage the services of competent persons who have shown faith with the party.

"Prof Mills knows the difference between people whose commitments are real and people who are fair-weather friends, and he will be advised and he will be informed," she said.

She however re-echoed Prof Mills' promise to be "President of all Ghanaians" and not to rule along party lines.

"And to the extent that a citizen of Ghana for who he is their President would wish to meet with him and confer with him…knowing President Mills and the kind of personality he is I am quite sure that he will make the effort to listen."


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