Monday, January 19, 2009

Dormaa Peace Council grateful for peaceful elections

The Dormaa Peace Council has expressed its gratitude to all stakeholders in the polls in the traditional area for ensuring a peaceful general election.
     The Dormaa Peace Council is a representative body constituted under the Dormaa-Ahenkro Local Council of Churches to build and sustain peace before, during and after the just-ended general election.
     A statement signed by the Reverend Felix Yeboah, Chairman of the Local Council of Churches and President of the Peace Council, lauded the relative calm that characterized the elections in the area and attributed the success to the people's commitment to development in peace.
     It thanked the Dormaa Traditional Council, the media, security agencies, civil society groups and the people for not only preaching but ensuring peace and proving that they were one people.
     The Peace Council acknowledged the strength of the people's unity towards the protection of peace during the electoral process and expressed optimism that the same spirit would be exhibited in communal labour.
     It commended the youth of the various political parties and urged them to support and cooperate with the traditional authorities and the government for the accelerated development of the area.
     The statement expressed the hope that future elections in the area would be handled in an even more peaceful manner to buttress the point that peace and tranquillity were necessary ingredients for accelerated socio-economic advancement.
     The council assured the people of its readiness to extend its activities beyond the 2008 general election to counsel the youth.

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