Thursday, January 22, 2009

Prez Mills won't use 3 vehicles in convoy: Castle sources

Sources close to President Mills have described as ridiculous reports that the convoy of the President will be made up of three vehicles.

Pro-government newspaper Democrat on Thursday that the President had asked that his convoy be made up three cars and two dispatch riders.

But the sources at the Castle said the demand of each journey would determine the number of vehicles in the President's convoy.

President Mills kept a shorter convoy when he was vice president to former President Jerry Rawlings.

Police Supt. Frank Coffie who used to be part of the President Mills' security detail said a lot of factors went into determining the size of the president's convoy.

While other sources say the consideration for a shorter convoy is in line with the President's campaign promise to keep a shorter convoy to save the tax payer's money.

It is not clear how many vehicles will constitute Prof Mills' team but Ghanaians look on for a fulfillment of the President's campaign promise.

There was raging debate over the size of the convoy of former President Kufuor which critics said caused a lot of discomfort to other road users and a drain on the pocket of the Ghanaian tax payer.
The former President commuted between his Airport residence and the Osu Castle for work.

Security analysts however explain that the long fleet of vehicles that accompanied the former President when he was in office was an important security measure.

With President Mills opting to live at the Castle, at least in the mean time, it is expected that his internal travels will be minimal.


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