Monday, January 26, 2009

Transition team to receive Auditor’s report

Government's transition team will by close of today receive all reports from some government agencies, prominent among them being from the Auditor-General's department on government's spending on the Ghana at fifty celebrations.

Last Friday's edition of the Daily Graphic reported that it has now been established that the country spent 60 million US Dollars in celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2007.

In addition, it says the nation still owes huge sums of money to Fairlop Company, the motor firm which imported luxury vehicles for use during the celebration.

Sources within the government's transition team disclosed that five accounts, four at Prudential Bank and one at the Bank of Ghana, were operated by the authorities in the name of the project.

They said in view of the debt, the motor company had demanded that a certain number of cars should be returned to it to cover the amount owed by the state.

They added that when the Auditor-General appeared before the committee, he denied knowledge of the estimates on the project, since his outfit did not have a report on them.

He, therefore, pleaded with the members to appear before them again today, by which time he would have collected bits and pieces on the matter to prepare an interim report.

It is this report together with others that heads of institutions like the Auditor General's department would be presenting to the transition team on Monday January 26.

Hannah Tetteh, spokesperson of Government's Transition team confirmed to Citi News that a host of reports would indeed be placed on the team's table today.

She noted however that in order to prevent the various sub-committees presenting their reports in bits and pieces, consultations will be made to present the reports as a whole.

She added that since all the reports of the sub-committees cannot be published in their entirety, highlights will be made available instead.

Ms. Hannah Tetteh pointed out that the press conference to declare the state of the nation's economy was postponed because the Transition Team was of the opinion that the inauguration ceremony of President Obama will enjoy more air time than their press conference.  



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