Thursday, January 15, 2009

Arthur Kennedy: Mills promised speed but hits the ground crawling

The communications director of the Akufo-Addo campaign team for Election 2008, Dr Arthur Kennedy, says contrary to Prof Mills' promises to "hit the ground running," the President rather "hit the ground crawling."

"We will give Prof. Mills time to find his feet; he said he would hit the ground running, it sounds like he hit the ground crawling."

The President at his inauguration on January 7 made an off-the-cuff delivery that promised to get off to a brisk and smart start when he assumes office.

Perhaps his expression which grammarians say saw the light of day sometime toward the end of the 19th century in the USA was the toast of the occasion.

With barely a week into his administration, critics of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) say the ruling party rather seems to have started its term giving off characteristics that are a stark contrast of what the President promised.

Dr. Kennedy, speaking to Joy FM on Thursday chronicled a number of incidents which he said corroborated his assertion.

He was responding to comments made by the former President during a press conference on Wednesday in which Mr Rawlings called on President Mills to sack District, Metropolitan and Municipal Chief Executives appointed during the Kufuor administration.

While admitting that "it is still early days yet," Dr Kennedy said Mr Rawlings' pronouncements stoked fears among some sections of the public that President Mills might still be tied to the apron strings of the former President.

The medical doctor also denied reports that some DCEs and MCEs had begun shredding documents to cover their backs.

He described the former President's accusation, as "respectfully," smacking of a "conspiracy theory."

"This is a constitutional government, there was no coup; this is an orderly transfer of power," he said.

"If you look at the operation that Victor Smith mounted at the Castle, stopping people on the street and taking vehicles from them, these things are very reminiscent of coups," he said.

Meanwhile a political scientist at the University of Ghana, Dr. Essuman Johnson has condemned Mr Rawlings' comments as rather unfortunate.

He said although the constitution guarantees freedom of expression, the statement put out by the former President suggested he was interfering in the President's administration.

"You feel bad that this is coming from the former President. You will think that he is not giving President Mills room to get things going," he stated.

Dr. Essuman said the President may just have to gloss over the assertions and concentrate on the task ahead as the clock ticks.


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