Thursday, January 15, 2009

NDC team scrutinises NPP's administration record

The government transition team would tomorrow release findings from their scrutiny of documents handed over by the out gone NPP administration. 

Spokesperson for the team Hannah Tetteh expects the briefing to put to rest agitation from some supporters about the pace at which the transition team is moving.

President Mills's directive to Municipal and District Chief executives to remain at post and the failure to nominate ministers has drawn sharp criticism from former President Jerry Rawlings, who says the party faithful are getting restless. 

Hannah Tetteh insists that president Mills is still on course accepted that the new administration must manage the expectation of NDC supporters. 

"The process of government is not the business of dishing out posts at the pleasure of the President especially when you are putting into office people who are significant to the process of local community development  as district chief executives", she said. 

She said the findings of the team will go a long way to calm the fears of apprehensive party supporters and the general population of the steps being taken to take over the administration of the country.   

In response to comments by former President Rawlings cautioning that some officials still in office are destroying documents to hide evidence of purported fraud, Ms. Hannah Tetteh said the claims are legitimate and would be investigated by the new government. 

She cautioned persons involved in such acts to note "There is a lot of documentation that was made available even before the elections" and that such acts to cover up any unlawful acts will be uncovered. 

She however noted that due process will be followed in the administration of justice.



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