Thursday, January 1, 2009

4th Republic Parliament of Ghana reconvenes tomorrow

According to a NOTICE OF ADJOURNED SITTING OF PARLIAMENT from the office of parliament, Parliament reconvenes tomorrow, 2nd January 2009.

Hon. Members of Parliament are hereby reminded that the Third Meeting of the Fourth Session of the Fourth Parliament of the Fourth Republic which was adjourned on Friday 14th November 2008 on account of the 2008 General Elections, will reconvene on Friday, 2nd January 2009, at Ten O╩╝clock in the forenoon at Parliament House, Accra, to complete its schedule of work.

In a related development, the office of parliament, Ghana  is inviting newly elected members of parliament to undergo a registration proccess in preparation for the commencement of the sitting of the 5th parliament of the fourth republic on 7th January 2009.

See full notice below :



Registration of members of parliament-elect of the 5th parliament of the fourth Republic.All members of parliament-elect to the 5th parliament of the fourth republic, which commences on 7th January, 2009, are respectively informed that there will be a registration exercise at the sir Charles Emmanuel Quist conference room, parliament house, Accra from Friday, 2nd January, 2009.  The exercise will start at 9.00 a.m. and end at 4: p.m. each day.Members-elect will be required to fill the: standard form of personal records: by providing the following details:

i.                     Addresses (Constituency and Place of Residence)

ii.                   Birth, Social Security and National Health Insurance;

iii.                  Family (Nuclear);

iv.                 Previous Employment;

v.                   Educational Background;

vi.                 Vehicle Holding (s); and

vii.                Bankers.

Identity Cards will also be issued to Members-Elect immediately after registration.

signed By
Emmanuel Anyimadu

Clerk to Parliament

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Paul Ryan said...

Does anyone know when the new Cabinet will be sworn in and whether any of the former Cabinet Ministers are likely to retain their posts? Also, what happens to the Mayors who were appointed under the NPP? Do they have a set term of office or can they be replaced, at any time, at the pleasure of the new government? Thanks.