Thursday, January 8, 2009

Post Ghana Elections 2008 -More Congratulations from CPP,Christian and Vet councils

Veterinary doctors congratulate Mills
 The Ghana Veterinary Medical Association (GVMA), has congratulated President John Evans Atta Mills for wining the 2008 Presidential Election.
     A statement signed by Dr K.B. Darkwa, President of GVMA, also commended Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo New Patriotic Party (NPP) presidential candidate for accepting the results of the elections.
     It also praised Dr. Alfred Tia and Dr. Nii Quaye-Kuma, both members of the Ghana Veterinary Medical Association, for wining parliamentary seats.
     The statement said "It is heartwarming to note that President Mills has assured the nation that he will be a father for all and is poised to unite the nation to ensure the deepening of our democracy and socio-economic development of the country".
     The Association pledged its full support for the NDC Government and expressed optimism that President Mills would give the needed attention to the development of the poultry and livestock sectors to ensure full realization of the economic potential inherent in these areas.

CPP Candidate congratulates President
Mr Isaac Opare- Addo, Convention People's Party (CPP) parliamentary candidate for Aburi Nsawam, for last year's general elections on Thursday congratulated President John Evans Attah Mills and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) on their victory in the elections.
     In an interview with the GNA in Koforidua, Mr Opare-Addo said he was particularly happy about a promise by President Mills to nurture the smaller parties including the CPP.
     He said Ghana was the winner in the elections and called for concerted efforts from all to help the new administration to succeed.
     Mr Opare- Addo appealed to the NDC Government to consider the building of a sports village at Aburi where sportsmen and women would go for acclimatization purposes.
     He said such a facility would earn and save foreign exchange for the country as there would be no need to send sportsmen to other high attitude countries for acclimatization.
     "The facility can cater for sportsmen from other countries in the sub-region as well, thereby earning foreign exchange for the country and also create employment for the teeming unemployed youth".
     Mr Opare-Addo appealed that there would be an end to the litigation on Nsawam Cannery so that the factory can come back to "life" to give employment to the people in the constituency.
     He also appealed to President Mills to help ASTEK Industries at Nsawam "to come back to life" and start immediate operation.
     Mr Opae-Addo was optimistic that if those policies were implemented many people in the area would be gainfully employed thereby taking a majority of the youth off the streets.

Christian Council commends NDC, NPP and Ghanaians
The Christian Council of Ghana (CCG), on Thursday congratulated the National Democratic Congress (NDC), New Patriotic Party (NPP), and Ghanaians for exhibiting tolerance and peace during Election 2008 and the handing over from NPP to NDC.    A statement signed by Reverend Dr. Fred Deegbe, General Secretary of CCG, said "The council observed closely the matured and professional manner in which the two gentlemen conducted themselves when the political tension was heightened, especially, in the process of collation and declaration of the results by the Electoral Commission (EC).
     "What was quite unique about this election considering the huge investment, energies, time, and other resources that were put into it, was the level of political tolerance and patience demonstrated".
     The statement said Ghana had indeed become the beacon of democratic governance in Africa, "and rule of law in Africa and in the process made us proud on the international scene".
      It commended the media, Christian community, civil society, security agencies and other interest groups that contributed to the peaceful elections.
     The statement said "The EC deserves a special commendation for conducting successfully the toughest elections in the political history of Ghana".
     It said "We, at the Christian council, see this particular election as a resounding victory for mother Ghana and, therefore, call on the two parties to work together in order to unite all Ghanaians for the common good of the nation".


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